That's my boy

Middle school is very different these days.

I'm being very quiet as I type this, because my son is in the next room broadcasting with a friend on On previous occasions this summer, he was playing Minecraft on the same servers with his friends who were at their own houses at the time, often talking to them over the headset at the same time via Google chat. I remember how much of my social life in elementary and middle school was constrained by the fact that the other kids with whom I enjoyed hanging out lived farther away than my parents wanted to drive. And how my parents kept trying to get me together with more local kids, with whom I had little in common. Color me not nostalgic.

While we're on the "that's my boy" theme, any readers who know my son already may recognize him in this music video:

The Doubleclicks - This is My Jam

The Doubleclicks' new album, Dimetrodon, is in fact our family's jam at the moment. I highly encourage you to check it out here or on iTunes or wherever you like to buy your music :-)

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